Q: We don’t send out a lot of campaign emails each month. Should we still mine email replies with LeadGnome?

Many of our smaller enterprise customers have wondered that in the beginning. You already know that there’s data in campaign reply emails, but is there is enough to mine email replies? YES! LeadGnome is a powerful source of Account Based Intelligence (ABI); here are just a few ways it can propel your business:

  • LeadGnome adds approximately 20% more contacts to your database annually
  • LeadGnome maintains and enriches your existing leads continuously
  • Find out if your end user left the company, changed positions, or earned a promotion
  • LeadGnome identifies trigger events earlier than any other platform, giving your sales team a first-in advantage. According to Craig Elias, “First in wins the sale 74% of the time.”
  • Increase your renewal rate by knowing if your primary contact is still with the company and identifying replacement primary contacts.
  • Increase your connect rate by pinpointing when your lead will be back in the office.
  • Increase your email deliverability by identifying Sender Verification auto-responses from SPAM filters.
  • Protect your brand by identifying and acting on opt-out requests.

Q: We’re starting to launch our ABM strategy, but we currently focus on inbound marketing. Can LeadGnome add to this strategy?

Absolutely. What you’ll find as you begin to explore an Account Based Marketing strategy is that the biggest change is the shift in focus from a lead-based to an account-based strategy. You will, and should, still use a mix of inbound and outbound techniques.

For example, an inbound campaign will often offer a free download in exchange for readers’ email addresses. You’ll want as little friction as possible adding people to your list, so this top-of-funnel offer will likely only require name and email — and nothing else.

Now that you have a method for growing your email list, LeadGnome helps expand your knowledge and increase your database when you mine email replies for valuable bits of information you receive from every single campaign. LeadGnome can enhance your leads with First Name, Last Name, Title, Company, Phone Number, Mobile, etc…. These details allow you to easily segment your list, personalize your messaging and identify sales trigger events within each of your accounts.

Q: Is this just a prospecting tool or can it help with existing customers?

One of LeadGnome’s greatest advantages is its ability to update and maintain your customer database based on data that comes directly from your customers! When you receive replies to your campaign emails – whether auto-replies or manual replies – they contain valuable information about your existing customers: if they’re out of the office, if they’ve left the company, if they’ve changed roles, etc. All of these nuggets of Account Based Intelligence gold can help you expand into your current accounts, increase renewals, and even up- and cross-sell to existing customers.

Q: I already use another vendor to cleanse and append my customer database. Isn’t my database all set?

The truth is, our customer databases go stale at a rate of greater than 40% per year. Put another way: only six out of 10 of your current contacts are likely to have remained unchanged a year from now. With just two campaigns a month, however, LeadGnome can enhance and maintain 72% of your customer database by automatically identifying changes within your accounts — essentially reversing database decay.

Continuous database maintenance provides your sales and marketing teams with reliable data each and every day. Traditional data cleansing approaches are far less frequent, which causes gaps in the integrity of your customer database. Ensure higher levels of accuracy and productivity using a continous cleansing technique like LeadGnome.

Q: I’m already using another vendor to add leads within an account. How is LeadGnome different?

List vendors suffer from stale, inaccurate data. LeadGnome data, on the other hand, is sourced directly and in real-time from campaign response emails. LeadGnome data is the freshest possible and because it comes directly from your existing accounts, it allows you to more quickly, accurately and effectively expand within your current accounts and learn about new leads long before traditional list vendors. Gartner research tells us that, on average, enterprise deals require seven (7) people in an account to gain approval and close. LeadGnome helps you build you knowledge of each account — providing breadth and depth of influencers and decision makers.

Q: I worry about adding yet another tool into my marketing stack. How long does it take to really be effective using LeadGnome?

LeadGnome literally takes two minutes to set up — all it takes is a simple email forwarding rule. There are NO changes to your existing campaigns and your IT department does not even need to get involved. LeadGnome works with your marketing automation or CRM system, so there is nothing new to learn.

Q: I don’t really want a third-party app to write to my CRM/marketing automation system. Do I have to integrate LeadGnome?

Nope! While there are many advantages of integrating LeadGnome with your CRM, like the lead-to-account matching, and ability to automatically flag important trigger events and schedule follow-up activities, some clients still prefer to review the mined data first and manually update their records. In this case, LeadGnome can be set up to provide a CSV download of all information.

Q: How does LeadGnome price its subscriptions?

Here is our pricing page.

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