LeadGnome Integrations

Connect your favorite email service, marketing automation, and CRM platform in minutes.

Our easy-to-configure integrations connect LeadGnome with your favorite Email Service, Marketing Automation, and CRM platforms. Many are just a click of a button! Our integration philosophy consists of the following pillars:

  1. Protect – LeadGnome does not harm to your most valuable asset, your database
  2. Control – You have full control of results because we write to custom fields or objects
  3. Power – Use powerful workflows native to your MAP and CRM systems
  4. Efficient – LeadGnome minimizes API calls because many systems have daily limits
  5. Easy – Setup takes minutes, not hours or days
Automated Email Marketing Data Flow - LeadGnome

Connect LeadGnome To Your ReplyTo Mailbox

LeadGnome uses secure, native Microsoft Outlook 365 and Gmail APIs for the easiest and most robust connection to your ReplyTo mailbox. Our connected communications are encrypted for enhanced security and enable customers to tidy up their Inboxes for improved visibility, productivity, and ease of use.

Alternatively, customers can create forwarding rules to push copies of their email replies to their dedicated LeadGnome mailbox for mining.

These models enable our customers to retain full control over their email assets AND eliminates the need to change your current email processes. Our customers are connected in minutes and receive results with their very next email send.

Sync with MAPs & CRMs

No new dashboards to learn! Continue using your favorite MAPs and CRMs

Integration is incredibly simple. LeadGnome connects to your favorite platform in just minutes. The result is that data mined from reply emails like Out-Of-Office and Left-The-Company syncs with your records and can be applied to workflows to automatically complete tasks, such as adding/updating contact information in your CRM, alerting lead owners of trigger events, and scheduling follow-up activity.

LeadGnome runs seamlessly in the background, hard at work every time you send an email marketing campaign.

LeadGnome empowers sales and marketing teams to grow pipeline within new and existing accounts by uncovering sales trigger events, identifying decision makers and influencers, and appending and cleansing existing leads continuously. No need to worry about privacy regulations, like GDPR, CASL, and CAN-SPAM, because LeadGnome’s processing and results comply with each of these laws (refer to this page for details).

  • HubSpot

    LeadGnome integrates seamlessly with all three HubSpot platforms — Sales, Marketing and CRM — via the Contacts module. LeadGnome never duplicates contact records.

  • Marketo

    As a Marketo LaunchPoint partner, LeadGnome's mined results synchronize with Marketo, automatically triggering native Programs and Interesting Moments. In addition, LeadGnome never duplicates contact records and minimizes the number of precious API calls necessary to synchronize its results.

  • Oracle Eloqua

    LeadGnome's mined results automatically synchronize with the Oracle Marketing Cloud (formerly Eloqua) via the Custom Data Object (CDO) framework and Oracle Sales Cloud. Automatically route emails to the appropriate rep, track changes within accounts, and update your database.

  • Oracle Sales | LeadGnome Integration Partner

    Oracle Sales Cloud

    LeadGnome is an Oracle Silver Partner and part of the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Enriched contacts, net new contacts and sales trigger events are synchronized with Oracle Sales Cloud to grow pipeline.

  • Pardot

    LeadGnome integrates seamlessly with your Pardot system, never duplicating Lead or Contact records. Automatically alert sales/SDR’s to important trigger events within accounts, new records, and new contacts within target accounts.

  • Salesforce

    LeadGnome is part of the AppExchange ecosystem and integrates seamlessly with your Salesforce system. LeadGnome never duplicates Lead or Contact records, minimizes API calls, and performs lead-to-account matching, a fundamental capability required for Account Based Marketing (ABM) strategies.

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