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Pipeline Growth

Sample out-of-office reply email

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Salesforce workflows update your database, alert team members, and automate other business processes (e.g., email compliance best practices).

  • Date your contact, Joe, will return
  • His cell phone number
  • His associate’s name, Sally
  • Sally’s title
  • Sally’s email
  • Another associate’s name, Bruce
  • Bruce’s title
  • Bruce’s email

The power of SALESFORCE, amplified

LeadGnome empowers your sales and marketing teams to grow pipeline within new and existing accounts by uncovering sales trigger events, identifying decision makers and influencers, and appending and cleansing existing leads continuously. LeadGnome integrates seamlessly with your Salesforce.

Left The Company

Alert team members to new sales opportunities, existing revenue that needs protecting, and blockers that are unblocked. Capitalize on early-warning signals to beat your competition and increase sales win rates significantly.

Change Of Email

Notify team members of any rebranding and Merger & Acquisition activity. Sales opportunities arise as organizations restructure. Make sure your sales team is in first.

Title Change

Your user might have just become your buyer! Learn more about the activity and shift the lead to the appropriate Salesforce list to keep your communication relevant and customized.

“Many organizations struggle to gain accurate, targeted, and up-to-date account intelligence. LeadGnome has a unique way of delivering this data to help companies grow their pipelines and increase customer retention rates.”

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Nancy Nardin


“Bounced emails and out of office alerts can be a lead generation goldmine. The challenge is that, until now, it was such a laborious, time consuming endeavor to find those golden nuggets in a mountain of emails that few people bothered with it. That was until LeadGnome came along.”

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Craig Elias


“LeadGnome solves a huge problem. How do you mine info from campaign reply emails generated by your marketing automation system? Right now you are sitting on a gold mine of contact and trigger event info that is being totally wasted.”

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Steve Richard


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