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LeadGnome empowers your sales and marketing teams to grow pipeline within new and existing accounts by uncovering sales trigger events, identifying decision makers and influencers, and appending and cleansing existing leads continuously. LeadGnome integrates seamlessly with all three HubSpot platforms -- Sales, Marketing and CRM -- via the Contacts module.

Get All Of The Benefits WIth No Learning Curve

LeadGnome not only integrates with HubSpot, it allows you to keep using HubSpot exclusively, funneling the raw data that we mine into the workflows that you’re accustomed to using. You'll bypass the learning curve of a new system and go straight to amping up your sales and marketing strategies, instantly putting our data to work to identify and leverage the Interesting Moments that really matter to Sales.

Grow Sales Pipeline

Identify Trigger Events Before Your Competition

Change happens, so leverage it. For example, every time a buyer leaves their company, your sales team can generate 4 new opportunities. And Left The Company reply emails allow you to gain as much as a 9-month timing advantage over your competitors. These trigger events are game changers! According to Craig Elias, Creator of Trigger Event Selling, "First in wins the deal 74% of time."

Increase Sales Velocity

Expand Reach & Engagement

According to Gartner an average of seven people are involved with the buying decision. Add decision makers and influencers by as much as 36% from mining reply emails. Make new connections, broaden and deepen your understanding of the account, and map the players that will influence each opportunity. The more you know about each account, the quicker you are able to win the deal.

Add Fresh Data

Stem Database Decay & Increase Renewal Rates

94% of businesses suspect their customer and prospect databases are inaccurate. Campaign reply emails maintain your database continuously by identifying enhanced information about your leads. 66% of companies that have "clean" data report a boost in revenue and 25% higher conversions between the inquiry and qualified leads. For subscription-based companies that depend on renewals, campaign reply emails can keep contacts up to date and alert you to changes within a department before it's time to begin renewal discussions.

Automate Data Entry

Save Time & Money

The automation you put in place increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales and marketing efforts, saving time and money. LeadGnome automatically mines reply emails for Account Based Intelligence and automatically updates your Marketing Automation or CRM with fresh data, triggering workflows and alerting your sales team. We help you work smarter, not harder.

"HubSpot’s inbound campaigns are unparalleled when it comes to driving traffic and netting new prospects. But then comes the challenging part of moving them through your sales funnel and identifying the leads that will eventually turn into customers. LeadGnome's integration with HubSpot provides tremendous value by automating the tedious process of analyzing reply emails. What starts as a list of email addresses becomes a robust database of actionable intelligence. And that's every sales teams' dream."

-- Kim Walsh, Global Director, HubSpot for Startups.

HubSpot Customers Trust LeadGnome

In Minutes, You're Mining Reply Emails.

Zero IT Involvement. Zero Campaign Changes.

LeadGnome takes two minutes to set up utilizing a simple email forwarding rule. It runs seamlessly in the background, and requires no changes to your HubSpot marketing campaigns or CRM, turning every one of your email campaigns into a source of valuable Account Based Intelligence your sales and marketing teams can actually use.

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  2. Create an email forwarding rule
  3. Receive actionable intelligence from target accounts

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