Fuel Your Marketing With Email Replies

Marketing’s new must-have capability: Reply Email Mining

Eliminate Manual Review

Are you manually digging through your email auto-replies — or worse, deleting them? Stop! Save time and let LeadGnome automatically mine all of the important data from each and every email reply. Plus, the data we mine syncs with your HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce, or other platforms.

Remove Bad Contacts

Eliminating bad contacts improves conversations and increases your open rate. LeadGnome identifies email address changes, Left-The-Company replies, and hard bounces indicating your lead is no longer there. This fresh intel syncs with your marketing automation platform or CRM.

Enrich & Cleanse Existing Leads

Research shows that B2B data decays at an alarming rate of 70% annually. LeadGnome cleanses and enriches your database continuously with the most up-to-date information — straight from your leads! Within your email replies we mine critical data like titles and phone numbers.

Add 20% New Contacts Annually

Give your your sales team the leads they want — quality, sales-ready leads within the accounts they’re already engaging. Around 87% of email auto-replies are Out-Of-Office notifications. Of those, more than half contain alternate contacts that we mine and add right to your database. That’s how LeadGnome customers add 20%+ new contacts annually.

Bolster Email Compliance

Capture manual unsubscribe requests to remain compliant with email spam laws like GDPR, CASL, and CAN-SPAM. Often people will simply hit the “Reply” button and ask to be removed from your list. LeadGnome identifies opt-out requests and syncs them with your marketing automation platform or CRM.

Don’t Miss The Powerful Data In Your Inbox

When LeadGnome mines Left-The-Company, Out-Of-Office, and other email responses, you identify timely information that directly impacts your organization’s bottom line:

  • Eliminating time-consuming manual review of replies
  • Continuously updating your database with fresh data
  • Generating more high-quality, sales-ready leads
  • Increasing open rate and deliverability rate
  • Bolstering compliance by processing unsubscribe requests
  • Mapping new leads to existing accounts to identify key influencers and decision makers
  • Driving more revenue

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