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Sample out-of-office reply emial

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Native Marketo workflows update your database, alert team members, and automate other business processes (e.g., email compliance best practices).

  • Date your contact, Joe, will return
  • His cell phone number
  • His associate’s name, Sally
  • Sally’s title
  • Sally’s email
  • Another associate’s name, Bruce
  • Bruce’s title
  • Bruce’s email

The power of Marketo, Amplified

Leverage Marketo Programs & Interesting Moments

Combining LeadGnome’s sales trigger events with native Marketo Programs and Interesting Moments, synchronizes Sales and Marketing efforts, fosters alignment, and makes every touch point with a lead more relevant. Trigger events uncovered with reply email mining include:

Left The Company

Alert team members to new sales opportunities, existing revenue that needs protecting, and blockers that are unblocked. Capitalize on early-warning signals to beat your competition and increase sales win rates significantly.

Change Of Email

Notify team members of any rebranding and Merger & Acquisition activity. Sales opportunities arise as organizations restructure. Make sure your sales team is in first.

Title Change

Your user might have just become your buyer! Learn more about the activity and shift the lead to the appropriate Marketo list to keep your communication relevant and customized.

Marketo Champions & Customers Trust LeadGnome

“LeadGnome gives our clients a unique and valuable way to take advantage of content returned in automatic email replies. With LeadGnome our clients can mine auto-replies to determine whether a person has left the company, triggering a notification from Marketo to sales giving them timely, actionable insight.”

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Jessica Kao

Director of Client Services & Marketo Champion

“Around the office, the QuickMobile team is often heard saying ‘Power of the Gnome!’ when alerts or other actions are triggered.”

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Emily Dick

Director of Marketing & Marketo Champion