LeadGnome, An Award-Winning Account Based Marketing Web Service, Partners With RevEngine Marketing

July 11, 2016 6:35:54 AM | By Matt Benati

LeadGnome, a platform that mines emails for valuable sales information, partners with RevEngine Marketing to develop custom Marketo Programs.

BOSTON, MA – LeadGnome, Inc., the category-defining account based intelligence (ABI) web service company, mines emails to generate new contacts, enhances and maintains existing leads, and delivers actionable intelligence that fuel sales acceleration, has partnered with RevEngine Marketing, whose President, Jeff Coveney, is a long-time Marketo Champion. The partnership will focus on developing custom Marketo programs that are designed to leverage the actionable account intelligence found in email campaign replies and trigger workflows that extend and enhance the value delivered by the LeadGnome service.

The LeadGnome platform analyzes campaign email replies, automatically identifying changes within key accounts; called trigger events — such as leads changing position, leaving the company or being out of the office. With RevEngine’s custom programs, those types of trigger events will now seamlessly integrate into Marketo workflows and can be used to provide an entirely new piece of actionable account based intelligence.

“LeadGnome delivers account based intelligence that drives B2B growth, making marketers more relevant and impactful to the sales process. Not only does the LeadGnome service generate new referral contacts and enhance existing leads, it also alerts sales to critical trigger events well before our customers’ competition,” said Matt Benati, CEO and Co-Founder of LeadGnome (http://www.leadgnome.com/).

RevEngine Marketing helps clients bring together Account Based Marketing best practices and cutting edge technology to create an optimized demand funnel that fuels revenue. The partnership with LeadGnome delivers powerful account based intelligence to Marketo Programs designed and implemented by the RevEngine Marketing team. These programs further accelerate sales for our joint customers.

“Companies are hungry to drive more leads and enhance the leads they already have. LeadGnome addresses both of these needs — at a fraction of the standard CPL investment. We’re impressed with the platform and the level of account intelligence it can uncover. We feel this will have a very positive impact on the success of our client’s campaigns,” said Jeff Coveney, President, RevEngine Marketing.

To learn more about LeadGnome’s capabilities leveraging Account Based Intelligence, download this free eBook: Account Based Intelligence: The Essential Guide For Account Based Marketing Success.

About LeadGnome: LeadGnome, the category-defining Account Based Intelligence web service company, mines emails to generate new contacts, append and cleanse existing leads, and provide actionable intelligence that fuels sales acceleration. Named an Essential Data Intelligence Marketing Tool by Integrate and Heinz Marketing, and a Top Sales and a Top Marketing Tool by Smart Selling Tools, LeadGnome empowers sales and marketing teams to expand pipeline within new and existing accounts by uncovering trigger events, increasing connect rates, and identifying decision makers and influencers. LeadGnome is Privacy Shield certified by the U.S. Department of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau. Learn more at www.leadgnome.com.

About RevEngine Marketing: There is no “easy” button for driving leads from marketing to sales to revenue. Prospects get lost in the process, leads go stale, sales spends time on bad leads and not enough time on good leads—the end result is an inefficient funnel where revenue opportunities are lost.

RevEngine Marketing helps clients optimize demand generation and sales efforts by creating an efficient funnel that accelerates revenue. We like to call this funnel the “revenue engine.” Leveraging the latest in automation technology, RevEngine Marketing maps best practice sales and marketing processes to technology to create a repeatable and measurable revenue engine. Learn more at http://revenginemarketing.com.

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