LeadGnome Joins HubSpot Connect Program For Integrators; Users Convert Reply Emails Into Leads

March 14, 2017 6:21:54 AM | By Matt Benati

The program introduces LeadGnome’s capabilities to the more than 20,000 users that currently use HubSpot for inbound marketing strategies.

BOSTON, MA – LeadGnome, a web-based service that automatically mines campaign reply emails for Account Based Intelligence (ABI), joined the exclusive HubSpot Connect Program for integrators. The program connects HubSpot users with beta offers from up-and-coming sales and marketing technologies that integrate with existing HubSpot solutions.

LeadGnome achieved HubSpot integration across all three platforms – Sales, Marketing, and CRM – in December 2016, and was added to the HubSpot Connect Program in February 2017.

“HubSpot’s inbound campaigns are unparalleled when it comes to driving traffic and netting new prospects. But then comes the challenging part of moving them through your sales funnel and identifying the leads that will eventually turn into customers. LeadGnome’s integration with HubSpot provides tremendous value by automating the tedious process of analyzing reply emails. What starts as a list of email addresses becomes a robust database of actionable intelligence. And that’s every sales teams’ dream,” said Kim Walsh, Global Director, HubSpot for Startups.

Frictionless top-of-funnel forms convert more visitors to leads, but gather minimal information. LeadGnome fills in the missing information by converting your campaign reply emails into the freshest source of contact data available today. Additionally, LeadGnome uncovers net new contacts and sales trigger events to improve sales and marketing productivity. This account based intelligence is is automatically added to HubSpot’s CRM, integrating seamlessly across both Sales and Marketing platforms and allowing companies to:

  • Grow Pipeline
  • Increase Sales Velocity
  • Stem Database Decay
  • Automate Data Entry
  • Protect Revenue & Brand

“Like many of my sales and marketing peers, I needed a way to capture all of the amazing data stuck in campaign reply emails. I couldn’t find a solution, so I built it. LeadGnome. Combined with the sales and marketing automation of HubSpot, our customers have a true competitive advantage,” said Matt Benati, CEO and Co-Founder of LeadGnome.

For a limited time, HubSpot customers that sign up for LeadGnome will receive 50% off their first-year annual subscription. To learn more and to sign up, visit http://www.leadgnome.com/leadgnome-hubspot-integration.

“LeadGnome provides significant value to sales and marketing teams by automatically capturing account intelligence from reply emails. The powerful insights they deliver customers make them a great addition to the HubSpot Connect Partner Program and we’re excited about the many ways that shared HubSpot and LeadGnome users can now leverage that data to close deals and grow their companies faster, smarter and better,” said Greg Karelitz, Partnerships, HubSpot for Startups.

About LeadGnome: LeadGnome, the category-defining Account Based Intelligence web service company, mines emails to generate new contacts, append and cleanse existing leads, and provide actionable intelligence that fuels sales acceleration. Named an Essential Data Intelligence Marketing Tool by Integrate and Heinz Marketing, and a Top Sales and a Top Marketing Tool by Smart Selling Tools, LeadGnome empowers sales and marketing teams to expand pipeline within new and existing accounts by uncovering trigger events, increasing connect rates, and identifying decision makers and influencers. LeadGnome is Privacy Shield certified by the U.S. Department of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau. Learn more at www.leadgnome.com.

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