Nancy Lawson Beech

Marketing Automation Specialist, Marketo Certified Expert LeadGnome is fantastic! Our deliverability rates are up to 99.2%.
Jeff Spicer Headshot

Jeff Spicer

Sr. Manager, Marketing Operations Email is a key part of every Account-based Everything strategy, so managing the replies is mission-critical for us. LeadGnome automates this process and integrates seamlessly with Marketo.
Nick Ezzo Headshot

Nick Ezzo

Vice President Demand Generation LeadGnome not only rounds out information on contacts we know, but also delivers new contacts within a target organization, allowing us to map that account internally.
Greg Karelitz HeadShot

Greg Karelitz

Growth & Partnerships, HubSpot for Startups LeadGnome provides significant value to sales and marketing teams by automatically capturing account intelligence from reply emails. The powerful insights they deliver customers make them a great addition to the HubSpot Connect Partner Program and we’re excited about the many ways that shared HubSpot and LeadGnome users can now leverage that data to close deals and grow their companies faster, smarter, and better.
Sangram Vajre

Sangram Vajre

Co-founder & CMO I’m very impressed with the account-based intelligence uncovered by the LeadGnome web service. With just a single campaign, we identified 83 trigger events for our sales team to follow up on. That same campaign generated hundreds of new contacts within our targeted accounts. It’s amazing how something as simple as a reply email can provide so much valuable intel.
Zak Pines Headshot

Zak Pines

VP Marketing Reply email mining is the secret weapon of keeping your customer database current and up to date. There is so much information coming back to you through email replies - you want to get that data out of your email inbox and automatically into your CRM and marketing systems.
Jeff Coveney

Jeff Coveney

President & Marketo Champion Companies are hungry to drive more leads and enhance the leads they already have. LeadGnome addresses both of these needs -- at a fraction of the standard CPL investment. We’re impressed with the platform and the level of account intelligence it can uncover. We feel this will have a very positive impact on the success of our client’s campaigns.
Roxane Napoli Headshot

Roxane Napoli

Senior Marketing Manager We see LeadGnome as a highly cost-effective way of adding new contacts and keeping our HubSpot database up to date.
Steve Richard Headshot

Steve Richard

CRO LeadGnome solves a huge problem. How do you mine info from campaign reply emails generated by your marketing automation system? Right now you are sitting on a gold mine of contact and trigger event info that is being totally wasted.
Naor Chazan Headshot

Naor Chazan

Executive Director of Marketing LeadGnome is the most cost-effective and simple solution for helping us dig deeper into our target accounts to surface valuable leads. Not only that, but it provides incredible insight into customer and prospect job role transitions, departures, and new hires – to help us continuously update our own CRM records with the freshest data. Integration with Marketo is a breeze and the LeadGnome team has been very responsive to our support needs. For marketers who thrive on digital, there’s no excuse to not having the LeadGnome reply email mining solution as part of your technology stack.
Andy Brewer

Andy Brewer

Vice President Business Development & Customer Success Our acquisition costs are significantly less for LeadGnome leads, and our ability to close and upgrade opportunities has been steadily increasing as well.
Craig Elias

Craig Elias

CEO Bounced emails and out of office alerts can be a lead generation goldmine. The challenge is that, until now, it was such a laborious, time consuming endeavor to find those golden nuggets in a mountain of emails that few people bothered with it. That was until LeadGnome came along.
Anand Thaker Headshot

Anand Thaker

Founder and CEO With a significant sales and marketing operational background, I’ve experienced the necessary steps and recognized the valuable opportunities from these usually overlooked insights. LeadGnome streamlines and optimizes this process.
Nancy Nardin

Nancy Nardin

President Many organizations struggle to gain accurate, targeted, and up-to-date account intelligence. LeadGnome has a unique way of delivering this data to help companies grow their pipelines and increase customer retention rates.
Jessica Kao Headshot

Jessica Kao

Director of Client Services & Marketo Champion LeadGnome gives our clients a unique and valuable way to take advantage of content returned in automatic email replies. With LeadGnome our clients can mine auto-replies to determine whether a person has left the company, triggering a notification from Marketo to sales giving them timely, actionable insight.

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